Space Engineers: Workshop – High Orbit Ship Mass Relay [Vanilla]

The High Orbit Ship Mass Relay accelerates your Ship from 0m/s to a very high number in only one second

  •  In Orbit

    • You can simply place it in Orbit and it sustains itself through the solarpanels. The solarpannels move themselves, when the gate is activated. This way they form a tunnel.
    • The relay can jump and move. It is remotecontrolled and there is also a camera for looking at a target / positioning
    • Its gravitational force is 76G
  • On Moons/Planets

    • As long as the G force is not near 1G you can use this on moons / small planets e.g. with 0.33G
    • You can escape the moons/ planets gravity with only the mass acceleration #savesEnergy
    • Jump drives can not help you to get out of gravity and many bigger ships cant do it without help. With the mass relay you can do it.
  • Ship Requirements

    • First of all you can change the sensorsettings of the Mass Relay so your Friends or Neutrals can use it (it supports friends by standart but you can deactivate it)
    • Every ship you want to „jump“ needs at least a little amount of activated mass blocks. The bigger your ship is the more mass blocks it needs. The more mass blocks you have, the faster you can accelerate
    • I strongly advise you to use a speedmod of your preference, since otherwise you will simply stop at 104m/s (eventhough this helps you when you want to break)
    • Deactivate the dampeners, otherwise you will instantly loose speed
    • As a tipp if you want to aim at planets you can use parachutes
  • Small Ships

    • This build especially helps small ships, als they do not have a vanilla jump drive. This way you can travel much faster

      Space Engineers: Workshop – High Orbit Ship Mass Relay [Vanilla]

  • Geek Culture

    • There are some References to Stargate and Mass Effect

Steam Workshop Download:

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